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** Xtreme Couture Toronto presents, HOT YOGA! **

You can't beat the heat, so come and FEEL what everyone is talking about!
Hot yoga promotes increased joint flexibility and blood flow by deeply penetrating the joints and muscles through the use of infrared heat.

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Xtreme Couture Toronto
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Hot Yoga Toronto
*$69 month based on 1 year term

Many yoga devotees believe the following are benefits of yoga:

Physical benefits: Yoga creates a toned, flexible and strong body. It improves respiratory circulation, increases energy, maintains and improves the body’s metabolic rate, promotes circulatory and cardiovascular health, detoxifies the body, improves hand/eye coordination, increases muscle tone, relieves arthritic pain, reduces stress and tension and improves athletic performance. It also helps you look and feel younger.

Mental benefits: Yoga helps you relax and minimize stressful situations more easily. It helps you focus, cleanses the mind of cluttered thoughts, teaches you to focus, challenges you to reach difficult positions, and energizes your mind, body and soul. It also promotes helping and thinking of others in a positive manner.

Spiritual benefits
: Yoga builds awareness of your being and those around you, promotes inner peace and confidence, helps you to think of others around you as well as yourself. It also promotes the rudiments of body, mind and soul.
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